A young and tall human male, with white skin, blue eyes and raven-black hair that his wears long and are a bit unkept. A gray wolf’s skin for a cloak and a hood the head of the same wolf. A well made spear made from dark, hard wood, decorated with bird feathers, animal bones and charms.Two scimitars are strapped on. dark brown leather pants and a leather shirt of the same hue along with sandals.


I was born on a boat travelling to the jungles of Chult on a stormy night. My parents were from Luskan and they eloped and chosen to escape to uncivilized lands to escape their families. Alas, the ship was shattered on the rocks of the beach and none survived, but a little infant. It was protected by the broken bodies of its parents. Many wild animals and predators fed on the bodies until a pack of wolves was the last to arrive. A she-wolf that had just lost her cubs took the baby and raised it among the other wolves to be strong and cunning. That baby was me.

When i became 10 years old i met the witch doctor of a nearby native tribe called Ikechutwu Babatunde who was known as Black Wolf. He was a great man with infinite knowledge and wisdom. He taught me the ways of men, the secrets of fire, wind, air and earth and how to feel the power of the Mother (nature) . He always confronted me with patience and for his own reasons always made sure i was safe at all times.

When I became of age he sent me on the spirit journey so that i would prove able to become a Shaman. I Drank the initiation potion and went into the jungle. I do not know if it was a hallucination or not from the medicine, but in the Depths of the Jungle i found a temple near a volcano. It was surrounded by undead things. I dared not approach and thought about drinking some water to clear my thoughts. It was then that I found a clear pond somewhere far from that place, I met a fairie who lived there. She told me the name of the ancient temple and also told me of a prophecy about it. ‘’When the child raised as wolf returns to the temple the great battle will begin’‘. When i told her that i was a child raised by wolves she bad me stay so that she could teach some ’’magic from the beating heart of the jungle’’ and so i did as she asked. Her magic were different from my master’s but i felt the essence of nature in them and for that i was glad.After returning with the news to my Mentor, he told me to go into civilized lands and prepare for the coming fight.

So i was that I came to visit the old city of Anhapur, a city that once held great magic, maybe there i can find the strength i am looking for…


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