Leopold Kyptertein

Lathander Priest


Medium Height Human with Blond hair to the shoulders and green eyes that matches perfectly the proportions of the face giving a soothing element in the beautiful overall image.
White robes of Very good quality encraved with the morning sun rising from the fields on top of the chain mail which parts of it can be shown near the neck and shoulders.
My weapons are my Mace and my shield and the crossbow to reach the unreach.


Having a mother who gave birth to an ugly stable of the family she worked for and right after the soldiers shouted “Alarin back to work again”, at the fields in the outskirts of Luskan and a father missing most of the time from home to the shipyard but eventually bring a piece of food in the family was the first day of my arrival to this world in the year of the Leo. but it wasn’t so until this moment where these lines take form…you Know me as Leopold but i did not grew up with that name, in the years that i was trying to help my mother withstand her loneliness and pain in this dredged city run not by the law and prosperity but from the outlaw and the toxicity of their efforts to diminish us all.

We were of the last humans of the city not more than a couple thousand, relics of a former glorious race living obediently and quietly mostly as slaves among the others tribes of the five captains which have conquered the city. And that’s how the years past, myself grinding flour at the mill and moving hay balls, watching my mother having raped a few times from the disgusting and treacherous beings under the captains orders and my father an empty shell of himself doing the same thing every day. He was the reason i saw the light for the first time…there…when my mother started every morning her sweet mumbling of her light red lips a mumble that i am hearing since i can remember, until the day that i understood exactly the meaning of that mumble…it was her calling to the gods of the morning sun to keep my father alive and make me a great man of values away from evil…and when my father returned she thanked them every time with a gesture to the sky.

And then it happened..i still remember the rumble of the floor from the heavy steps until the crashed door of the barn. We were living 15 people in there and Hell broke loose in the sight of the ogres, three of them holding great clubs and hammers. Everyone started yelling and running in every direction, I saw Telim’s head smashed and broken feet from someone else before my mother guide me to a small passage in the rear of the barn that had been smashed and covered with hay stacks , we rushed out and started running without looking back but what we saw in front couldn’t let us to ease..it was an invasion and for our good sake they have past this point and my mother saw an opening, i asked her about father but she told me that he would want the same thing for us she told me that this was our chance to go past the formerly guarded roads of the city. and we run, we run like never before, we even found a horse to get further and faster from this corrupted city.

We traveled for almost a day south by the coast but fate had yet another challenge for me when two running great boars with great tusks and on top Ogres…the same ogres we saw a few days back at the massacre of the Luskan, it was their arrow who took my mother’s life and the hands of the closing Ogres who grabbed her of the horse away from me and led her soul up in the sky along with the gods she worshipped every day.
Her last words right before the Ogres grab her while the fast breath and the wild hoof of the boars hammered the ground was “keep the rope tight and never let the light fade from your eyes..there is always another dawn…Leo” and she left of the running horse who now became lighter and speeded up a little, enough to give fate the chance to show her merciful side once more. the sound of two arrows broke the air around me and stroke on the first ogre then i noticed the horsed battalion of shining armors and well dressed with white robes coming from the right side directly upon the remaining ogre and his boar who got slaughtered from the knights of the group. An officer asked me first for my name and it came instantly of my mouth…Leopold , “A Tribute to my Father Poldimer Kyptertein”..Sir.
I explained them my story until the very last words of my mother and they offered to bury her properly giving me the chance for the last time to tell her goodbye mother….i will always follow the light!
After that the designated cleric after a short discussion with the leagues captain they agreed to let me accompany them back to the city of Waterdeep where i will have the chance to entry the doors of a religion so powerful and bright!

I met Father Erembier for the first time right after we entered the majestic temple of Lathander in Waterdeep,he welcomed me with a peaceful smile and designated me assistance of the church “May your journey begin young dawnbringer…Stand for thy name!!”
But it was not so powerful from the beggining,to enter a higher state of mind and connect with god through my beliefs I had to practice for my prayers and cultivate my knowledge for my faith , I am also helping with cleaning the temple and doing chores for the high elders. And it was not long until for the first time i conquered the power of creating light! I felt so proud, for the first time i did something that i wanted to… I see somewhere i belong spiritually and physically.
Right after my first accomplishment i got summoned to Father Erembier once more. He welcomed me again with his peaceful smile and his soothing words…"Thy name will be known to the world and thy actions will carve your fate…from now on you will follow the light, but you will Preserve LIFE!…Heal the wounded..cure the uncured…this is your Path, show the courage for the tasks and He will be there.
As soon as i got gifted Springlord got my first assignment and it was a very far away assignment, southwest to the city of Ankhapur to pay our regards as an ambassador from the temple of Waterdeep.

Never Let the light fade from your eyes…There’s always another Dawn…

Leopold Kyptertein

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